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Sabrina Shire is a private investigator employed to find who murdered Ben Curl.

She finds herself in hospital after an inexplicable car accident. Her husband, Hilton, and her two younger brothers take up the investigation where she left off.

It is found that Sabrina’s ‘accident’ was not an accident at all and is, in fact, closely linked to her enquiries. The company known as ‘Goldenviron’, headed by Bobby McGarvie, appears to be involved with rape and pillage of the land, but is there a connection between these two and the murder of Ben Curl?

When Sabrina and her two friends are abducted they endure horrific and life-threatening experiences. Can each of them survive?
Was Ben Curl the only shareholder in the mining giant, Goldenviron, who was murdered and for what reason would such drastic steps be taken?

Goldenviron is the prequel to Bitter Sweet so be sure to order your copy of both at the same time; together they are a duology.


A surprisingly good read....
By Pat Bigbie on November 5, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Goldenviron is such a different name that I wondered what the book could be about.
So I began to read...&...read! The story is a love story. A detective story. A mystery...all the characters are so believable! The author E.Bird makes everything come alive. You don't know the full story and you are kept guessing until the end! A certain page turner that I reccomend very much! You won't be disappointed.

Recommended reading all around the world.
By Carol on 27 July 2016
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This is a 'prequel' to her previous book, and I loved them both. The book on the whole, is a complete story, but one does want to know what happens next, so ideally, I have to pull out the 'sequel' and read it again. Which is great. E.D. Bird understands what goes on in the underworld, with the rich, understands the mining world, and has an excellent way of putting things across. I can imagine everything that goes on with her excellent descriptions. Loved it.